Saturday, 17 March 2012

I need some advice please

Whilst adding my last post I was informed by blogger that I was unable to upload any more photos as my Picasa web albums had reached their limit - I didn't even know I had a Picasa web album let alone a limit - hee hee.
So what I have done is I have paid $5.00 to upgrade from 1GB to 20GB and I now have plenty of space. Phew!
I just wanted to know if this had happened to anyone else - did you pay to upgrade or did you delete photos from your earliest posts?
I have deleted a couple of photos and I just have a huge black square and a ! where they used to be which is quite unsightly, it would also take loads of time to do this and make any significant difference.
Please tell me what you think - thank you - Jacqueline xx


  1. I didn't know they had a limit either - you must upload an awful lot of photos as I've been blogging daily (with photos) for almost two years and have yet to reach a limit. I always shrink my photos before I upload them - to an average of 750 pixels - what size do you shrink yours to?


    1. erm - didn't know I could shrink them! I am however uploading to 4 blogs!
      J xx

  2. That's weird! Hmmm...never heard of this. Let me know if you find out anything, will ya? ;) Thanks for joining my blog candy btw! :)

  3. Yes, this has happened to me too. I think $5.00 isn't much to pay for a huge photo storage facility and to save me having to shrink my photos too. Vicky x

  4. I had this happen a whole back when I was trying to load on to another blog, but I came out and then went back later and it was fine.