Friday, 13 May 2011

What a Day!

You know Friday 13th never used to bother me - superstitious nonsense I said. Well I have eaten my words today - everything that could go wrong did go wrong and I mean everything - too much even to write down. Well since my yesterday post has disappeared I will add my pic again - I entered it into the Clean & Simple challenge which was a sketch.
It's a Father's Day card for my dear dad - I'm off to see him in a few days as it's time for more chemo so as I am really organised I can take it with me thus saving on postage - result!
It's still there in the list over on Clean & Simple but when you click on the link - nothing. I wonder how many more people have lost their posts and where did they go - and wasn't it weird I've felt quite lost all day! 
Anyway blogger is back - I'm sure that there was much gnashing of teeth for a while but we are lucky - it's free when so much isn't these days, and now as I am at war with the world I shall sign off and go and open that bottle of wine I stashed in the fridge earlier and try to find something decent on the TV to watch! - See you soon - Jacqueline xx.

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  1. Wise words Jacqueline! Blogger is free and it's not often they get it wrong. I like your attitude in adversity too - a nice glass of wine and something good on the telly beats getting worked up about something you can't do anything about! I really like your father's day card - the twine is a great masculine embellishment. Have a good rest of the weekend! Vx