Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Clean & Simple .....I Think!

This is the card I have made for this week's Clean & Simple challenge. I have followed the sketch and used my gorgeous new set - Baby Blossoms. I have even cut into my new Springtime Vintage DSP. But is it Clean & Simple - what do you think?
I love this card (if I do say so myself!) and I shall enter it into the challenge and I will leave it up to you lovely crafters to tell me if it's OK or not!  Bye for now - Jacqueline xx.


  1. ok?? Who are you kidding... it's just lovely!!

    Jo xx

  2. Hi luv... just wanted to say your link on your top of your blog for the Challenge blog is not working..


  3. This is a lovely card! And yes, it is clean and simple as well! I felt the same way on mine--I put a border on either side of my center space and then wondered if it was no longer clean and simple!!

  4. Yes I think it is too - the DP is acting as white space! I love the way you're using Baby Blossoms - the little blue sprig looks so pretty in the frame. Vx