Sunday, 8 May 2011

Tissue Holder Box.

For a change from making cards I decided to have a go a making this cute little tissue box holder
The band around the middle moves across to where you pull out your tissues

And when they are all gone - open up the flap at the side and refill it ...... simples

This is a fab little make and if you would like to make one too pop over to Vicky's blog 'cos she has done an easy to follow tutorial with pictures and everything.
Thank you Vicky - I'm going to make a few more of these especially as everyone I know at the moment is suffering from summer colds and hay fever!!
Atishoo - oops bye for now - Jacqueline xx.

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  1. Do you know Jacqueline, I don't have that Ornate flower set - but you are really making me want it! Thanks for the shout-out (although I really must say it wasn't my idea!)