Thursday, 31 March 2011

Wishbone or Backbone.

Two posts in one day - sorry folks but I have something I wanted to share with you. I'm getting frustrated - it's been hard going lately trying to get my stamp business up and running.It's very slow going and things have not been running smoothly but then again as my husband said 'if it was easy everybody would be doing it'. And then someone said to me today 'people are like the bones of a chicken - wishbones are the ones with the  big ideas but when the going gets tough they snap and give up. The backbones stay true and firm, carry the load and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals' I'd like to think that I am a backbone - I'm not giving up on my dream and if you visit my blog and think 'blimey she's been on about this stamp shop for ages when is it going to be ready' it will be ready when it's ready. I will get it right.


  1. The wait will be worth it for us judging by the samples you have shown. Do it in your time we will still be here.


  2. Good luck, yes you will have pants days, but follow your heart