Sunday, 20 March 2011

Paper Bag Mini Album Tutorial - Part 1.

Good afternoon folks - hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I'm sorry - I promised this tutorial for Friday but some personal issues have cropped up and things are going to be a little worrying over the next couple of weeks.
This is a step by step guide showing you how to construct you album - adding the decoration will come later.
Step 1 - find your self some bags. These are gift bags I bought a while ago made from brown paper. I have used brown paper lunch bags before - these had been bought over the net from America. The bag pictured above is one that when opened will have a flat bottom. In this case I removed the handles and carefully opened the bottom of the bag.

Step 2 -The bag was then flattened, the edges creased with a bone folder and the folded in half. When you are satisfied that your folds are in the right place open the bag, apply adhesive to one half and then fold again.

Step 3 - at the one end of the now folded bag there will be a natural crease where you can fold the end over to make a small flap - crease this fold well with a bone folder. You will need to make at least six of these to make your album. When you have your six page you may wish to neaten the edges - I also made mine square by making the pages the same width as the height.

Step 4 - now take two pages and stick them together flap to flap - as pictured above. Repeat this process. These two segments can now be glued together. The remaining two flaps will become the covers and are stuck onto both ends so that the small flaps are on the outside.

Your album is now ready to be decorated - the decorative cover will be attached last as adding the the page coverings and file cards will add considerably to it's thickness.

I have already covered some of my pages - I also added a third segment to my album giving me four big pages and three little flaps inside.
Join me again soon and I will show you how I have decorated the pages and made some file cards to store in the pockets of the album. - Bye for now - Jacqueline xx.

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  1. You are so clever Jacqueline! Looking at the before and after pictures - it's hard to see that it was made from a few bags!