Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Coffee Filter Mini Album - Part 2.

If you read yesterday's post you will remember I showed you some pictures from my Coffee Filter Mini Album. Well those pages are well and truly dry now so I have finished the reverse sides - take a look

For a materials list please refer to yesterday's post or click here.
o.k - from the top left we have the inside cover - this album mainly holds pictures of the female part of my family - mostly on my mum's side but there is a small picture of my dad'a mum. Next is a photo of mum with her parents. my mum as a little girl and then my Grandma and Grandpa. The little girl in the green dress is me on my first day of school and then a photo of our wedding day.
Tomorrow I will show you the cover page and the journaling pages - have to make my daughter's birthday card too - she is 19 tomorrow - yikes that makes me feel sooooo old! - Bye for now Jacqueline xx.

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