Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Christmas Tutorial.

Hi there - it's been a while again. Been working hard with village hall committees, art workshops and the local Mother and Toddler group. However I have a craft workshop tomorrow night so I 've been doing some preparation. We are doing 'Pop-Up' Christmas cards and as I was working out what we would do I decided to make it into a tutorial so everyone could have a go.
Here is what to do:
Firstly - find a stamp that you like and that can be made to 'pop-up' inside a card. I used the Sparkle Clear Merry Christmas stamps from Hero Arts. Then stamp the image in a long line. I also used some post-it notes to make a 'mask' so I could also stamp in between the image.

Cut the image out. Then take a rectangular piece of card and fold it in half. Take a smaller piece of thin card or paper and make a mat for one half. The edges of this can be sponged and don't forget to leave a small margin.

Then take your strip of trees and stick them over the mat.

Fold your card over so that the images are inside and then make two slits for each image that will pop out. Open the card and then push the slits inward - this will make 'steps' inside your card.

Then stamp your image again, cut out and embellish.

Stick these onto the steps in your card.

Take a piece of patterned card stock and cut it just a bit bigger than the other card. Fold this in half. Take the original card and apply double sided tape.

Cover this with the pattered card and decorate the front.

There you have a 'Pop-Up' Christmas card. You could do this with snowmen or reindeers too. The patterned papers I used are from a Stampin' Up scrapbook kit - it's a couple of years old now but they do newer ones in the new catalogue.
Hope you enjoyed this - please pop back tomorrow as I may have another sample to show you. Thanks for stopping by - Jacqueline xx.


  1. Clever, clever, clever card! And listen to you, talking up the SU catalogue like a professional! Have you ever considered becoming a demo?!

  2. I so love these pop-up cards. Thank you so much for taking the time to make and share a tutorial with us. As Vicky says, a real professional.

    Sara xx