Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Perfect Pinwheels

Do you remember years ago when you visited the seaside, you would build fabulous sandcastles and decorate them with windmills? For me those are memories from long ago - even with my own children but today I have made a card with some on to celebrate Easter - take a look

It would be very easy to create a beach scene behind these windmills but these have been created with my next workshop in mind.
It will take place next Tuesday morning and as always a tutorial will follow. To find out what you will need to make this card should you so wish please visit my Craft club Blog here.
We sometimes finish our cards with a little time to spare - if this is the case next Tuesday I will be prepared and I will demonstrate how to make these interesting little concertina rosette flowers

This is a very simple one made quickly for practise - hopefully by Tuesday I will have made so more elaborate ones to show off!!
thanks for stopping by to take a look today - hope you pop back again soon - Jacqueline xx


  1. Your pin wheels are lovely and your card looks very spring like. x

  2. These are so cute! My little sister (aged 9) wanted me to tell you that she loves it because it's bright and Easter colors should be bright. ;) LOVE this--stalking your Craft Club blog for the tutorial!!! :)