Monday, 27 June 2011

Where to start..

I have had such a busy time recently - I've been taking part in a local festival (a bit like Glastonbury but without the horrible music and mud!!!!!). I had a stall selling my cards and paper crafted gifts and boy did I melt underneath my tent - phew! But I also took part in something else rather special. The theme of the festival was Masquerade and the local art group decided to take a picture of some masks, blow it up, divide it into 24 separate square and each member paint a square. They also asked local artists (me!) to contribute too. Here is how I started
and here is how it finished

The whole painting when it was unveiled looked like this

If you look along the top row, second from the left - that's mine! It was great fun to do.
Now I'm sorry - no cards to show you today. The reason is this little monster

This cute little fur ball is Louis - my daughter (who is leaving for uni in but a few short weeks) decided to bring him home last week. Now we live in a tiny, pokey cottage - full of nooks and crannies just right for the little rascal to get stuck in and I have spent the day kitten proofing the house. And of course she works so who gets to cat sit all day? Yep you've guessed it - me. No spare time for a while me thinks!!!!!
I hope you have enjoyed this brief break from crafting, normal service (I hope) will soon be resumed as Bev is popping round tomorrow so I shall at least be attempting to craft!! See you soon - Jacqueline xx.


  1. The mask panel looks fabulous Jacqueline and I could just see your section - a bit like looking for a jigsaw puzzle piece!
    Kitty looks really cute but I'm sure a big handful. Hope you've kitten proofed the curtains too!
    Have a great week and try not to let him wear you out.
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  2. What a brilliant thing to be part of Jacqueline - you must feel very proud! I thought of you on Saturday - first because it started out rather murky and I know you had an early start and then th temperature just rocketed! Hope you had a successful day. And just look at that cute little creature! Hard to imagine how something that small could turn your life upside down!