Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Phew - what a scorcher!!!

Hi crafters - my goodness hasn't it been hot! I did a local craft fair at the weekend and I just melted. It should have lasted 'til 6.00pm on the Sunday afternoon but I had already done the whole of Saturday and by 3.00 on the Sunday I had had enough. So I packed up and ended up at my local pub and I sank a double G & T while my husband watched the footy. (hee hee bet he wishes we had stayed at the fair now!!)

This was my pitch - looks very cool and shady in this pic but believe me as the sun got higher the shade got less and less! Sadly though - didn't sell much especially on the Sunday afternoon - that was another reason to retire early. I think most folks stayed in to watch the footy. Good job it wasn't next weekend though - I would have missed all the tennis.
So until the next time - happy crafting - Jacqueline xx.

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