Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Little Note Books.

Hello every one, how are you doing? Good I hope. The other day I was browsing round one of the shops in my hometown of Malvern and I came across a multi-pack of note books for not much money. Hmmmm thinks I - I can do something with these. So I did -

I decorated the cover of each little note book and tried to make them all  different . I know there are four bird houses (I just LOVE that Stampin' Up punch)but they are each a bit different.
Here are some closer views

These are now ready to be packed up and priced all ready for the big fair at the weekend - more on that story later!
Hope you like these - it would be really good to have a comment, I'm feeling a little lonely at the moment.
See you soon - Jacqueline xx.

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