Friday, 20 August 2010

Just Thought You Might Like To See..................

...............the cards we made at my last workshop. Everyone was instructed to bring 3 sheets of A4 card and it was my intention that we made 3 cards.
Firstly we made the pull-up card

Next came the side - step card and as you can see - I love my Stampin' Up Flight of the Butterfly set. (I will be getting something new and different soon - promise!)

Now if you have been very careful cutting there should be enough card left to make the final card

That's all for today folks - my next workshop is more brayering techniques - Jacqueline xx


  1. I like to make that pull up card it looks so impressive. You were quick of the mark commenting on my new post, I had only just posted it!


  2. notification of you closing your other blog but was on hols ... it is now closed so I lost the link to here...glad to say I found you through google search. Lovely cards...dont use my brayer enough so looking forward to seeing what you do at your next workshop. x