Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Another Bookmark Card

Today was my first workshop of 2012 and it went really well. We made Bookmark Cards like the one I made here last week.
I have made another one today to go with the tutorial I have written which can be found on my Craft Club Blog or by clicking the picture in the side bar.
Here is the card

I have used my Papermania Urban stamps again - I really love the seed heads at the bottom of the card.
The section on the right has been perforated so that when the card is no longer relevant as a card the section can be easily removed to be used as a bookmark.
The background was created using my favourite tool - the brayer and would you believe used 5 colours of ink!! I'm really pleased with the result though and it feels like it has a nice warm glow to it as I sit and freeze in my craft room!
Thanks for looking today - see you soon - Jacqueline xx


  1. I do like these bookmark cards Jacqueline! We're always in need of bookmarks in our family - do bookmarks go to the same place socks go when you've washed a pair but only one comes out of the washing machine?!! Vicky x

  2. following on from above..... or where teaspoons disappear to?

    I was just looking to find what ink this is as it's gorgeous, and can't believe you've used 5 types. It's beautiful, and such a clever idea. Thank you for putting your tutorial up. I am going to try to have a go later this week. (I might even try learning how to brayer again - it's my craft block area!!)

  3. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    And - where does your best kitchen knife go - out with the vegetable peelings - luckily the binmen had not arrived!


  4. I just love this idea...REALLY gonna have to try it out! :) And I need to find my brayer...see how you help me remember and not be so crazy scatterbrained?! Thank you!!! :)