Wednesday, 13 July 2011

One Sheet Wonder Workshop

Yesterday was Tuesday and my regular monthly crafting workshop. This time we tried out the One Sheet Wonder (minus the Mexican with the bad accent!).
Stampin' Up stamp sets are perfect for this as their little boxes contain many coordinating stamps and sentiments. I made each participant a template I had designed and showed them how to stamp onto the back of the template so that when they turned it back over they could easily cut out each section. It may help to see what I mean from my photos.

These stamps are from the Simply Said set. Yesterday I did the same thing but using the Greenhouse Garden set. This is the template I made

Now for some reason it hasn't printed as I intended - it missed off a couple of sections on the bottom -but you get the idea.
So, to summarise: take your template, stamp on the back cramming on as many images as possible, turn back over and cut out your sections.
Now, you can make eight 5" x 5" card with this one sheet. Mount the sections onto coloured card stock and arrange on your card bases. (I also wrote out some instructions for this as well) - here are the cards

Other templates and instructions for the One Sheet Wonder are available on the web but if you e-mail me on I will send you a copy of the template and instruction sheet. See you soon - Jacqueline xx.


  1. I love this idea, what size sheet do you start with?

    Would like a copy please.


  2. Love the colours, a terrific collection. I call this Mastercard, but the results are the same, exciting and different. I can move my shoulder so will be back for Monday. Yippeee!! Caz

  3. This is a bit like my millefiori technique Jacqueline and strangely enough I taught a class doing a similar thing last November to make quick Christmas cards.
    The cards you've made are just gorgeous and the colours look beautiful.
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  4. Stamping your own designer paper is so therapeutic and the one sheet wonder template is a great idea. You've made loads of gorgeous cards here! Vx