Thursday, 28 July 2011

A bit of catching up.

Hello - where is all the time going this week - it seems to be rushing by at great speed. I'll tell you something - I haven't stopped still long this week so far either. I've been up to my eyes in workshops, stamp making and dt work - not that I don't love it  I'm having a whale of a time, just wish I had a little time to stop and catch my breath!
I'm so grateful that I am so busy, there have been times in my life when I have been very low but discovering crafting and blogging and meeting all my crafty friends on line has been quite a life saver.
Anyway I made loads of new stamps this week but didn't have chance to put them up on the web site as I sold most of them at a workshop I took on Tuesday night. As soon as I have made more - you will be the first to know.
I have managed a bit of crafting for no reason other than to craft and came up with this
This is a one layer card made by stamping and masking. I drew a feint frame in pencil and then started by masking off the outside edge on the bottom left hand corner. That's where I stamped my first image. It was a case then of stamping the images on to post it notes, cutting them out and using them to help give depth to the card. I made sure that I stamped some flowers out of the frame and drew that in last of all using a black fine liner. The flowers and foliage are from the Growing Green set and the sentiment is from Simply Said. Now on top of everything else that I am doing I have decided to re-organise my craft stash and during this process I unknowingly dropped a ball of string on to the floor - guess who found it...............?
hmmm - look what he did with it

And it got worse! He is now curled up in his basket as good as gold . The phrase 'butter wouldn't melt' springs to mind!
Just one more thing (if there is still any one left reading) if you are like me and a fan of ATCs - please click
here, hop over, take a look and tell me what you think.
Phew that's it now - I'm going, see you soon - Jacqueline xx


  1. Oh wow! This is one of my favourite cards of yours EVER Jacqueline (and that's saying something!) I love the way you've used bright colours and left them as outlines and I love the way the bouquet is bursting out of the frame. You are very talented and I'm so pleased you discovered crafting and blogging. I also find it very therapeutic and am grateful to have discovered it. And on another note, Louis is a real cutie! Vx

  2. I love what you have done with this card, I am never brave enough to do that technique on cards.

    He is just adorable.