Saturday, 18 December 2010

Tickled Pink

You may remember back in October that I took part in a Breast Cancer Awareness blog hop (see here). Well I was lucky enough to win Hels' 'Fanny Flamingo' - and here she is

And here she is in close up

Isn't she gorgeous? Thank you so much Hels - she will now take centre stage on my dressing table to be admired for ever more.
So - apologies all for the sparseness of my posts lately. Firstly I was away - couldn't get to see Dad while he was in hospital so 'cos of the snow so saw him last weekend instead. I returned to find that my Mother-in-Law's pipes had burst in her house and that she was staying with us whilst her house dried out. Then I had two workshops this week (which I hadn't prepared for!!!) and I am battling a sore throat and cough. I am in dire need of some TLC! Looking forward to Monday though - my daughter who has left home recently to live with her boyfriend is coming home to have a DVD day with her Mum - yay. Can't wait - popcorn, chocolate and wine - what could be better? - See you soon - Jacqueline xx.

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  1. Fanny Flamingo is rather gorgeous - congratulations on winning her! You sound as if you've been having a bit of a tough time lately. Hope you enjoyed that DVD day with your daughter (must say, that's my idea of heaven!) and that you're feeling better now. Merry Christmas! Vx