Saturday, 4 December 2010

Christmas Craft Fair.

This was my stall all set up this morning at 10.30. The lane up to the hall was extremely slippy this morning but I managed to get there OK with the help of my husband - I'm a real wimp when it comes to snow and ice. Last time I fell I broke my wrist and did all sorts of other damage too. Anyway I think that everyone else must be feeling the same as unfortunately the fair didn't get very busy and my stall looked pretty much the same at 2.30 in the afternoon. Had some lovely ladies on stalls next to me - one selling cupcakes (mmmmmm cakes) and the other some gorgeous silver jewellery of coarse both of which I had to buy from - thus spending all my profits!!!! It was great fun though.
Hope you are all keeping safe and warm in this nasty weather - see you soon - Jacqueline xx.

1 comment:

  1. Your stall looks fabulous Jacqueline! What a shame the weather was so poor. Still it sounds as if you had fun anyway - and I hope there will be many more stalls!