Thursday, 22 July 2010

A Great day.

Now I don't always say it, but today has been pretty good (not so good at the mo - thunder storm approaching so may lose power any second).
Started the day off at Rosie's where me and four others made these gorgeous cards using the fab Stampin' Up set - Nature's Nest.

Sorry about the chipped paint and socket - I take the distressed look into my decor too you know!
So after my lunch I then did a bit of tidying and decided to do something with all the sponge wedges seen yesterday (scroll down to the last post and you will see). I punched out (with my tab punch) tabs in all the S'U coloured card stock that I have and attached them to said sponges - like so

I also did  colour charts of all the matching inks too - how's that for being organised eh? Can't remember where I saw the idea for the sponges - it was something I found mooching round You Tube one day.
I even found time to race off to my local craft shop to buy a huge amount of card stock for something I am making for a very special occasion next week - so stay tuned folks. Bye for now - Jacqueline xx.

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