Thursday, 29 July 2010

Family Fun.

Hi there folks - thought you might like to see some things I made for a family lunch I organised the other day.
The invitations only went out to the ladies of the family - eight of us. I made us all a little goody bag as a memento of the occasion - take a look

Inside were lip balm holders and post it note holders with mini pens ( made using my Stampin' Up set - Pocket Silhouettes). 

Here they all are waiting to be placed around the table

We had the best time and we ranged in age from 18 to nearly 80. It has been a difficult time lately as we have all experienced hard times. My father-in-law died very suddenly, my dad's cancer came back, my husband's uncle has had major heart surgery and my nephew has been diagnosed with a brain tumour - and although some of us are hopefully through the bad stuff now I thought we all deservered a treat. We talked and laughed and nobody mentioned any of the hard times and I think everybody left with a smile - well worth all the effort.
See you soon - Jacqueline xx.

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