Friday, 31 August 2012

Invitations (and a sigh of relief)!

My daughter approached me at the beginning of August and said that her friend was having a 21st birthday party in December and would I make the invitations. I've know Sophie since she was four when she and my daughter started primary school together so I was very happy to do this for her. She gave me a few ideas and I made a few examples for her to choose from.She chose and said that she would like them for the middle to end of September. I then set to buying all the materials and then as you know I had to dash off to look after granddad for a couple of weeks. Upon my return I was greeted by my daughter anxiously crying 'Sophie wants them NOW so she can send them out before she goes back to uni' - no pressure then! All I can say is - thank goodness for embossing machines and punches!
Here is a pic of all the various materials before assemblage

I made them them in a production line style and here they are with their glue drying

The finished invitation had a tiny gold gem added to the centre of the butterflies

I then had a pile of invitations a mile high so I decided that the best way of transporting them to Sophie was to make a box - of course this had to match the invitations!

Mission accomplished!

My sigh of relief is that tomorrow is the first of September - August has been a dreadful month for me personally and my blogging has had to take a back seat lately all I have managed to do creatively speaking is a few commissions which I shall blog about soon. I'm so sorry if you have not had comments from me - I'm hoping that will change now - see you soon - Jacqueline xx


  1. These invitations are great and the matching box is the icing on the cake - brilliant. Hope life settles down for you soon

  2. The invitations are absolutely beautiful. A stunning way to invite people to a 21st bash!

  3. those are lovely, I'm sure Sophie will be really pleased :)

  4. You are amazing Jacqueline and I expect Sophie was delighted with these. Let's hope September is a bit more restful for you. Vicky x

  5. Fantastic design, beautifully made, I am sure Sophie will love them

    Louise xx